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We are very pleased to have visited our site and believe that you will find what you are looking for. And if not, do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to help you.

The main goal of our company is to bring you a wide range of varieties of hops and hop products. We import hops from our partners in several countries and export Czech hops to the whole world in all forms of processing.

In our portfolio products you will find more than 100 kinds of hop varieties, several dozens of hops and other raw materials for making high quality beer. We have more than half of these products on stock. Hop is supplied in the form of farmers bales, pellets or extracts, packed in vacuum or in a protective atmosphere of inert gas.

Our main partners and suppliers of foreign hops are renowned companies. For instance Charles Faram Co., Ltd. from Great Britain, Yakima Chief - Hopunion (YCH Hops) from the USA and several hop farms in these countries. Czech hops are obtained directly from hop growers and from their own controlled production of hops in the Saaz hop region.

For the professional production of beer, wine and other beverages, we offer a comprehensive assortment of products from Murphy and Son Ltd. , which we represent on the Czech and Slovak market since autumn 2016.

Our company is also closely cooperating with czech hop growers. We support them with agronomical services and materials for production of hops and implement new growing methods in cooperation with Crop research institute. We help growers to grow hops, provide them with advice on cultivation, control their quality and processing, and help them find new direct sales outlets in the world realization of their production.

For breweries we offer the opportunity to test new varieties of hops and products for their own, taste-unique beer, after-sales service, hop seminars and hop support. We greatly appreciate the close cooperation with both hop growers and brewers.

A few years ago, we started to cooperate with Charles Faram development program for our own new hop varieties.

We are very proud to realize this vision and to thank our customers, business partners and friends and appreciate their interest and support.

Team HopProducts s.r.o.







The brewery success of our customers makes us very happy and we are delighted that our hops and other products contribute to this. And who, for example, brews beer from our hops?

We are very happy to have a positive feedback from our customers and we are delighted that our hops and our products contributed for the success of their brewery.







In the following overview of varieties, we provide you with basic information on individual hop varieties.Gradually, we will add detailed information for you to better target the individual parameters and the most appropriate use of the variety. It is usually quite complex to sort the varieties. There are more than 300 in the world, and about half are the most used. Sorting can be alphabetical, by country of origin and cultivation, by use (aromatic, bitter, both) etc. We chose the sorting by country of origin and cultivation because we think that even more tells about the nature of the variety itself, under what conditions originated and what beer style it fits. If a variety is grown in a different country than originally originated, it will be listed and included in the country of cultivation. If you have not found a variety you are looking for, we apologize, and please let us know. We will gradually add to the list. In the summary table, the varieties will be sorted alphabetically, incl. link to our e-shop. Our whole range of hops is available for download HERE.